lifting the minds and aspirations of our young

            that they may lift our world to a perfect humanity

The UAEF provides a variety of educational consulting services to school districts, schools, and interested educational institutions. Some of our services include reading, writing, math-remediation, G. E. D. preparation, professional development (PD) workshops and symposiums for teachers, African heritage workshops, and African art and culture exposition. We also provide a unique Rite of Passage program for girls, rooted in West African traditions, that has already been used in several schools. Below are some highlights of services that we have provided over the years to educational institutions in PA and NJ.

Educational Consultancy/Services

Provided and Coordinated African American History Month,
African Art and Culture Exhibition
             Services Provided to: The School District of Philadelphia
                                             Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Designed and Drafted Lesson Plan on African History
      Services Provided to:  The School District of Philadelphia
                                       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Coordinated and Conducted a Writer’s Workshop
      Services Provided to: The East Lansdowne Basic School
                                      Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Conducted Professional Development (PD) for High School Teachers
       Services Provided to: The School District of Philadelphia
                                       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Conducted Professional Development and Storytelling
       Service Provided to: Evans Computer Magnet School
                                     Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

Provided and Implemented Rite of Passage Program for Girls
       Services Provided to: The Trenton Board of Education
                                       Trenton, New Jersey